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California Sojourn

California Sojourn



We first moved to California in the 70s. Having lived most of my life in the Northeast, i was captivated by the diversity of the landscape. Driving to our home in Los Gatos, I knew instinctively that I was headed in the right direction if the golden hills were on my left and the green mountains were on my right. I still get a thrill when I see the sculptural hills of northern California with their golden glow in the summer and their blanket of green after a rainy winter. From the blue Pacific to the rugged terrain of the Sierra Nevada, California's landscape is stunning. Using a variety of fabrics, I have attempted to replicate this diversity.

Fused raw edge appliqué; machine quilted; hand stitched embellishment

Cotton, silk and rayon fabrics - hand-dyed, painted and commercial.

29.5 X 37.5

Currently traveling with Northern California SAQA exhibit, Stitching California, until January 2023.

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